Frederik Hinz Andersen

Design Advisor and business developer

I can help you strengthen your design decisions and grow your business


From ideation to validation - Do you need a design expert to support you and help you take the right decisions?

I have worked with the biggest and the smallest companies in the world. I can help you build a community that makes the creativity grow, and designers to thrive. 

It takes a good designer to spot a good designer. I have seen, heard and worked with all kinds of designers, and I can help you pick the right one for you. 


When you build a house, it is a good idea to hire a consulting architect. One that is on your side, and can advise you through the hole building process. When you work with products or services that needs design, you should hire a Design Advisor that can advise you in all aspects of the design process.


Do you need "outside eyes"? I can help you with an objective expert opinion.



Take the right design decisions   -    Empower your designers   -   Improve collaboration Develop a design strategy   -   Choose the right design partner   -  Optimize the process


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